Friday, September 5, 2008

The closer you get to Israel.......

Libya is no more considered as a
whatever this might mean......

And against a payment of 5 Billion Dollars
Italy is not more considered as a brutal-ex-colonial- state .

And for 23 million Dollars the Lockerbie-plane ,never felt down.

And for 6,5 million Dollars nobody bombed that Discotheque in Germany...

Iraq and President Saddam were never accused of
"Sponsoring Terrorism" anywhere and at anytime
more over , Iraq was never accused of colonialism. .....
nor of bombing any discotheques.

So why they hanged President Saddam Hussein
instead of Colonel Qaddafi ??
(or eventually instead of Mr. Ossama BenLaden ?? )

Is it because Iraq is closer to Israel ,
than Libya is.....???

Besides all that ,
the West is proving itself to be , as usual, hypocritical
and undeniably-dishones t .
They even apply double-standards to their own dishonesty.

It seems that :
" with Oil......... you can wash all your sins ! "

Raja Chemayel

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