Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Criminal-Organisation

Three decades ago,
the United Nation General Assembly
has declared that :
"Zionism is (a form of) racism"

10 Years later , George (Papa) Bush
managed to have this resolution revoked
and made as invalid.
Which tells us a lot how the UN does function
and what-for it was ever created....

Never mind my opinion on the UN
I cannot beat George Bush
nor beat his son......

But what if ,
three or four good-International-lawyers
get their minds together and file a case
at the International Criminal Court , in The Hague
to declare ( to rule) that :
"Zionism is a criminal-Organisation "
(or a Criminal-Ideology)

This case is easy , logic and much evident :
Since the birth of Zionism until today ,
it has done nothing legal , nothing human,
nothing righteous and nothing to promote any peace.

Its intentions were ,from the start, wrong
and its deeds are ,continually worse !!

Six wars in 60 years and the disappearance of Palestine
and the undeniable misery for 7 million Palestinians. .
One million hostages, three million occupied
and 4 million exiles souls.

If we succeed , it will then be unlawful to become
a member of such criminal-organisati on ,
like it is the case in many other existing organised-crimes. .

Raja Chemayel
sixth of September 2008

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