Thursday, March 17, 2011

A poem to my son , to Libya and to Japan

Power must drawn...............
A nuclear plant in Japan and a Libyan Colonel
both are today damaged by nature,itself .
Both became the victim of the weight of their own power.
Both have served their people
until the day when their power became uncontrollable
because power corrupts.,,,,,,,and nature has the last word!
At this moment the colonel and that nuclear-plant
could burn themselves
and simultaneously harm their ownpeople.
The same people who were to being served , by them.
Power is ugly when it is not controllable.
and when not accountable .
If the people shall win ,
they will create the next tyrant
and or build another nuclear-plant
and if the Tyrant wins or if the plant fails,
their will be no more people to serve.
Raja Chemayel
on the birthday of my son
to whom I offer those lines..................

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