Sunday, March 13, 2011

The choice between two evils

A divided nation
local-tyranny and a foreign-dependence
There is now a great danger that Colonel Qaddafi
might still win militarily.
After all , the people have no experience with their weapons
which are older and inferior to the regular army's.
What then ???
What's next ???
Would we see a new-Mussolini crossing over from Sicily
or the post-Hitler-Luftwaffe shall do the carpet-bombing ??
What is next ??
Who is next ??
When (or if ) the Western interests shall again converge
with the Qaddafi-dynasty-tactics.......
who will then support the Libyan people ??
"Democracy is precious ,
therefore one should not give it to the people"
said once W.Churchill.
The Arab League of State has allowed (or suggested)
a NO FLY restrictions which shall be taken over by the Western-powers
as soon as,  the people of Libya are totally massacred .
The fact is that the people's will
is anyhow the ultimate authority and ultimate legislator
but , it also seems that all the devils want to deny it .
Raja Chemayel
I repeat ,
that I support the people of Libya against Colonel Qaddafi
whom I shall also support  ,later , if and when foreigner-powers
might attack him or Libya.

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