Friday, May 13, 2011

The nearest I ever got to Ussama Bin Laden
Jubail , in Saudi Arabia
a huge industrial city out of nowhere !!

How often you have found an old Puzzle game
in which many pieces were missing  ??

And , also, sometimes even the final- picture is also missing ,
whereas you cannot know and  reconstitute the original picture........???

It is a challenge to put back all the pieces together
not also knowing  how many pieces they were ,
nor knowing what they originally-represented.......???

The same happened to me when I was trying
to put back together the myth of Ousama Ben Laden.....

Was he ,    or was he not ??
did he do it ,   or he did it not !!!

Anyhow my Ben Laden-puzzle-picture
could not have been completed , for different obvious facts............

But the worst is his death , now ,
which equals,  for me,  at least
to  his official and total disappearance

The nearest I ever got to Oussama Ben Laden
was in 1999,  when I sold heavy-construction-equipmentsto one of his (46) half-brothers in the city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia....
Mr. Ben Laden  paid all his bills ,on time ...... and was extremely polite  !!!

So  now, I close my case with that enigma
in which only the CIA has all the pieces of that Puzzel.

Raja Chemayel
true story and a false-incomplete-puzzle

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