Monday, May 9, 2011

The first victim in any the Truth.

If there are no Hero's
people will invent one.

if there are no victims,neither,
the people will invent one , too
Neda , in Tehran ,
unknown, irrelevant but good looking.
Shot dead in a side-street far from the main demonstrations
and "accidentally" an amateur photographer was in the direct vicinity.
And a doctor present at the scene , who "accidentally",
the next day, flew over to London
to "accidently" show us ,,,,,,,,,this film.

Eman ,in Tripoli, 
good-looking, raped by the security-officers
but interviewed by CNN where she praised Saif El Islam Qaddafi
for caring about

in the meantime,
we are still searching for:
The Weapons of Saddam
The Pilots of 911The Nuclear-Bomb of AhmadiNejad
The hide-out of Ben Laden
The killers of Hariri
The Mercenaries of Qaddafi
Elvis Presley............ alive !!!

in the meantime,also
I am expecting any day ,
some "poor innocent victim"
probably young and good-looking too
but.......this Syria !!!
(mark my word !)
Raja Chemayel

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