Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The complexity of the Lebanese-particularity

the Beirut-labyrinth

If you knew about the Lebanese-peculiarity
when it comes to ministerial- nominations
or to electoral-procedure s
then you need not to read further ......

But, if you admit your average-normal- ignorance,
I shall give an example of the complexity
for those who shall admit not knowing about
the particularity of that complexity .

As example I shall describe how a Cabinet of Minister
is chosen among the available candidates .

obviously candidates can be either Muslim or Christian
the Muslims are chosen among the Shiaa or the Sunni or the Druze
the Christians are chosen out of six or seven different sects
Armenians being Christians are divided into Orthodox and Catholics
Special Minorities are also represented
so as Kurds and or Assyrians and or Chaldean's
(and among even my own Evangelical sub-group).
the Political colours , Clans and Parties are also obviously most relevant
the regional (geographical) origins are also taken into consideration
the Tribal/Family/ dynasty belonging
the foreign-factor is relevant , as far as ,
which Embassy will sponsor whom ??
the personal-factor which is about favours
and favouritism......otherwise known as:
"Minister without a portefeuille"

To understand better that aforementioned
ten-fold-complexity -factor , you may compare it
to the USA, where the Winner takes it all....... (the easiest !)
or to Syria, Egypt and Jordan
where any pro-government- clowns are nominated
and the opposition stays at home ,
or sleeps eventually in prisons.....

No ,
Lebanon has its peculiar brand of power-sharing
otherwise known as the Tabbouleh-Democracy .
It is a kind of compromise within an acrobatical- act-of-balance
between , inviting your enemies for Dinner in order

to poisoning them with the taste of power ...........
and (over) feeding your allies immensely so they leave you in peace.

Democracy ??........ No !!
Hypocrisy ??.....not completely

But wait a minute !! it is not over....yet

Those ten-fold-complex- persons must be distributed into
30 ministerial- position while satisfying the wishes of :
six embassies
two religions
seventeen christian-sects
three Muslim-sects
five regions
twelve clans
ten dynasties
two influential- neighbours
The Vatican , the Kremlin and the White-house.

When you can see through this jungle of complexity
then you shall have to fit the right candidate to the
right-position ( the right Ministry)... ...
Good Luck !!

Therefore I prefer Cairo......or Amman
you just kiss the hand of the Pharaoh or the King
and you get a chair.......

Sherlock Hommos

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