Friday, October 10, 2008

Do bankers go to Heaven ??

The Son of Mariam
and the bankers..... ......... of Jerusalem
(notice what he has in his right-hand !!)

Is capitalism crumbling under its own weight ?
capitalism is , by its own nature , self-destructive ?

Is money a middle or a goal ?
Is making money a mean to live
or living is just for to make money ???

Did the Bible and the Koran ( and K.Marx)
not tell us that
it is a sin to make money out of money ??
what did Jesus do with the money-lenders ??

Do bankers go to Heaven ??
while the poor live in the Hell.

Do bankers love Robin Hood ??
Do bankers love Jesus ??
Do bankers love Karl ??
Do bankers love George W. Bush ??

Raja Chemayel
10Th. of October 2008

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