Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Referee's opinion ......or a Knock-Out ??


you cannot argue against a Knock-out !!

If you are following the Middle East conflict
closely or remotely even ,
you would have to conclude that since 1967
Israel did not score any (classical) military-victory.

1973 was a half-victory
because Israel was not completely defeated
nor it was fully victorious...

1978 was an invasion of South Lebanon
without any sustainable results .

1982 was an invasion of Lebanon
to secure the departure of the PLO
who re-gathered back elsewhere.

2006 was a blind-bombing of Beirut
just to try to weaken the Hezbollah
who came back stronger.

2008 was a bombing of Gazza
just for some sadistic-satisfacti on
while Hamas has had nothing to loose.

What is next ??
Where is next ??
we shall see.....

The myth of
the victorious-miraculo us-divine- superior-democratic-Israel
is gone since October 1973 ,
but ........
because of the Media-Manipulations
and of the PR-achievements
and the ever-so-close- relations to the USA
Israel is still declared , as a winner.

It is like a boxing fight
where Israel looses by the-points-count
but at the end of the match,
the Referee (the Media + USA)
declares Israel as the winner !!

As in any boxing match ,
you have to knock-out your opponent
in order not to leave your fate in the hands
of an opinion taken by a referee.

Israel shall give us the Peace we deserve,
only if and when it is defeated, by a knock-out !!
and not by some UN Resolutions. ....
some scandalous-report on Al Jazeera
or a negative Amnesty-Internation al report.
Raja Chemayel
(if the Referee is not to be trusted , use your muscles)


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