Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Oscar for Political-Satyre.....goes to ....
The Oscar of this year
goes to.....

Sherlock Hommos !!

(Here is the acceptance speech of
Dr. Sherlock Hommos , Phd)
Sherlock Hommos....... in disguise

Thank  you ....thank you !!

I am honoured and flattered...
but in all honesty I must admit that
political-satire, nowadays,
 is the easiest job   I can ever think off
especially now that :

Iraq got its second fake-elections
when the first fake one, was never confirmed.

Palestinie which was stolen and or occupied
is now stolen,occupied and devided

Iran that does not have even an Oil refinery
for its fuel.....
is now accused of planning for a nuclear-fuel-plant.

Afghanistan which was never controled
in all its history by anyone ,  but the Afghans themselves
is being now controlled by the

Syria which was accused of
all the crimes to be found in a CIA-dictionary
has had a new US-Ambassador appointed in Damascus.

Hezbollah , the only arab-entity, fighting Israel
is being asked to dissarm.

And last but not least,
Israel that is the easiest part,
has never done anything right,
nor correct nor humane nor legal....
ever since its existence....

Finally I thank,
my dear wife
who never reads my articles
my daughter
who never laughs at them
my son
who thinks that I could do........ better ones !!

Sherlock Hommos , PhD
who finds himself funny....(even without the Oscar)

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