Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The definition of Zionism
The Treaty of Versailles
is one of the many fathers of Israel.
(also father to , Lebanon,Jordan,Palestine,Iraq,
and the reduced-Syria , too)

One may argue whether Zionism is Racism or not .
Myself , I do not argue anymore, 
because I do know that it is pure racism.

But one thing is left as inarguable......
that is  : Zionism is a pure Colonialism.

But now  ,
we can argue whether Colonialism, by itself, is Racism .

So , I may repeat what I wrote , but in the reverse form :
Racism leads to colonialism ,
which if is then applied only by the Jews ,
and for the benefit of the Jews only
 then,  we can call it : Zionism.....
which makes
the Zionism as a Jewish-Colonialism.....

Undoubtedly  and because,
it is reserved only for one kind of people,
against a specific ( other) sort  of people,
so it becomes automatically  also racism.

Conclusion :
Zionism is a Jewish-Racist-Colonialism
which is in fact , a super-Racism !!

The United Nation´s General Assembly
(1978) agreed on this definition :
" Zionism is a form of Racism "
but Papa-Bush did not like it ....
and then he made the UN to revoke this declaration in 1992......
which makes Jewish- Racism as an excusable-crime
or an ignorable-crime or a forgivable-crime........
or simply said :
Zionism is the accepted face
a jewish-racism combined with a classical-colonialism
(acceptable that is , as long as, the USA shall exist).

So please open up all your dictionaries
and correct them (by hand) using the above definition.

Or please change it at the Wikipedia site
and tell them, I said so !!

Raja Chemayel
corrector of dictionaries

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uprooted Palestinian said...

Zionism is a Jewish-Racist-Colonialism,which is in fact , a super-Racism !!

So please open up all your dictionaries, and correct them, Or please change it at the Wikipedia site and tell them, I said so !!

Raja an Arab-Lebanese, a Christian by birth, a muslim by culture and a democrat by nature