Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What came first ?? The Jews or the Ghetto

Amsterdam Ghetto1938
 Amnsterdam Ghetto 2010
What came first ??
the chicken or the egg ??
I was not there when Nebucco came along
or when the Pharaoh took them away
Neither I have anything to do with the Spanish-Inquisition.
No sir  !!
I was born in 1948 and ever since, I try
to understand the world around me .
One of the many questions I asked myself
was whether the Jew came first or the Ghetto ??
For the last 35 years I am living in
the safest place on Earth for any Jew....
which is The Netherlands.
In those 35 years my city,Amsterdam,
has seen 4 Jewish Mayors.
And the Netherlands which contains 35.000 Jewish-persons
has had 6 or 7 Jewish Ministers and about 10 to 15
members of Parliament , not to forged the Jewish presence
on the Banking and Business stage
not to mention the Textile & Diamond-industry...........
I came to live , accidentally , in the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam
which after 30 or 25 years moved away slowly
to another nearby neighbourhood.
Voluntarily and in an organised manner ,
my Jewish-co-citizens are gathering ( or re-gathering)
less than 2 kilometres away.....
in a new neighbourhood ....
or must I say a new-Ghetto !! ??
Why ??
I have no idea !!!
but I may conclude that this (new) Ghetto is Jewish-made
in a country where Jews and Judaism have always flourished.
So why this
eternaly-revolving-Ghetto-mentality  ??
This new-neighbourhood , is neither strategic , nor exclusive,
nor safer , nor prettier, nor having any other advantages.......
except that it is now , Jewish !!
Probably , my Dutch-Jewish-co-citizens
have again decided to be first Jewish and then to be Dutch !!
Or maybe they are hiding away from........
the next Gert Wilders ???
Ik weet het niet precies !!
Raja Chemayel
a Dutch-Hommos-head !

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