Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let us count.......

Abraham's grand-son ??
How many Israeli prisoners are in Palestinian jails
and how many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel ???
How many Palestinian rockets felt on Israeli civilians
and how many Palestinian civilians got hit by  an Israeli rocket ??
How many UN Security Council resolutions blamed and condemned
the State of Israel and how many resolutions accused Palestine ??
How many illegal ( or even legal) Israeli-houses were demolished
by the Palestinians .......
and how many Palestinian-houses were
dynamited or run over by an Israeli-bulldozer ??
How much water consumes an Israeli in average,
and how much is left over for the Palestinians ??
What is the size of the lands occupied by Israel
and how much land did Palestinians steal from the Israelis ??
How many Israelis are the grand-children of Abraham
and which Palestinian is not a grand-child of Sarah ??
How many times Palestinians imposed a care-few on
the Israeli-populations and how Palestinian check-points are there ??
How often Israeli-pregnant-women could not reach a hospital ??
How often Jews and or Israelis
are stopped from reaching Jerusalem ??
How many tunnels are used to feed
the hungry Tel Aviv ??
How many times are the Palestinians blamed
for any inhumane treatment of Israelis ??
Who has stolen whom ??
Raja Chemayel
just asking !! ??

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