Friday, May 27, 2011

Cluster Libya and Lebanon
Made in Israel and used by Israel
in the Lebanon.

The Media reports about Cluster Bombs found in Libyan rebel-cities.

I cannot check the veracity of such a news item ,

But I would like to forbid to any country that sold those Cluster Bomb , to Libya,
and to refrain from spreading this news.....
and secondly ,  any country who did not sell them to Libya but who knew about it,
also to shut up.........
and thirdly all of us who cannot verify the veracity of this,
also should to shut it up......

As for elsewhere ,
The Israeli army has left half a million of those bombs behind it
while leaving  the Lebanon in a hurry !!
this is verified-news and as you read now , people are dying of it .

Raja Chemayel

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