Sunday, June 5, 2011

43 Years ago , my new car and the Arab-Tanks
small and handy !!!

43 years ago Israel  grew-up five time its size
Jerusalem and the Golan became Jewish
even up to the Suez Canal.........

43 Years ago,  I was 20  and I have had  no car

Last week I bought a new car and my insurance
asked me to place a Satellite-tracking-device
which can locate my car anywhere in Europe....
just in case it is stolen ,or  if my wife would like to know
where I am hiding ..........

A fine gadget which does not cost you much,
you could even fix it on your bicycle , or your own child.

What does this device has to do with the 6 Days War ??

Not much !!
except that all Arab Army have since renewed their tanks
whether to fight Israel .................or to fight their own people.....

The difference between 1967 and today is that now,
most Arab-armys have their tanks bought from the WEST  !!!!

Which means ,
that most probably MI6+CIA+ Mossadspan>
have installed inside all those Arab Tanks the same tracking-divice
I have now in my new car......

Meaning that today , any Western-intelligence -agency
knows where are all the Arab-Tanks..........of any country or any regime !!!!
Like my wife,
who can know, if my car is parked outside the home of Penelope Cruz
or at the week-end-house of Claudia Shiffer.
Wake up Arab-generals and go look up for those divices   !!!
unless you are paid to keep them there.

43 years ago
I thought that Peace is achieved only after a final-victory

and I still,today , see not............ how else it is possible !!!

Raja Chemayel

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