Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for a Cartographer

an attack . took place .on Israeli citizens
in Eilat
A cartographer is the person who draws geographical maps
and  I am looking for such a person,,,,,,,,,,,
Why ??
Because .
Israel accuses people from Gaza
for the attacks which took place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in Eilat.
For your information ,
Gaza is on the Mediterranean Sea
and Eilat is on the Red-Sea
For your information also ,
Gaza is under siege which means that the perpetrators
of this latest attacks in Eilat , must have:
!- crawled out of Gaza via the tunnels
2- smuggle out their weapons back via the same tunnels
3- travelled freely in Egypt's Sinai
4- cross over from Sinai desert to Saudi Arabia (I wonder how?)
5- cross over from Saudi to Jordan (I also wonder how?)
6- and from the Jordan side,,,,,,,,,, then attack Eilat
it is a long journey which no novelist nor film-scrip-writer can describe.
(not even Moses could ever do it)
Therefore .
only the Mossad shall surely provide us with the scenario and the explanations
In the meantime the Israeli-Air force did not wait for any explanations
and has started its fabricated-and-well-planned-revenges against Gaza.
My own theory and accusations  rely  to the fact that
the Oslo Massacres recently have shed a dark spot
on a Butcher who obviously is a anti-Arab and who slaughtered
Norwegian young people planing to boycott Israel........
A counterbalance was needed to keep the world´s opinion
on the right side of the wrong-side .
Sherlock Hommos

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