Thursday, September 29, 2011

The better one.

 The Lebanese parliament
is older than the State of Israel.
If the the "only democracy in the Middle East"
would be, allegedly , the state of Israel,
then what about the Lebanon ??,
in which,
presidents are elected and the parliament also
in which ,
presidents do leave at the end of their terms
in which,
a new parliament comes each 4 years
The difference (with Israel) is also that the Lebanon
A) never occupied any body's home nor any other country
C) never annexed villages nor any properties
D) never bombed its neighbours
E) does not have 11.547 political prisoners.
F) never did build a wall around human-beings
G) has all its minorities represented in its system
H) is giving refuge to the victims of the State of Israel
Therefore if there is only one democratic state :
then it is rather the Republic of the Lebanon
and if there are two ;
then the Republic of the Lebanon is the better one.
Sherlock Hommos
a Lebanese on the Amstel

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J Peregrine said...

Well stated. I have quoted and shared this blog far and wide.