Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who is paying for the Air-pockets ??

Nr. 1

A new committee is established in Damascus
its aim is to monitor and to control the human misbehaviour's
in the USA , Canada and in the UK  it will be called :
 Anglo-Saxons Human-Watch

Announcement  Nr.2

A new committee is established here in Amsterdam
its aim is to monitor and control the Air pockets inside Swiss Cheese :
Regulating-Committee for the Swiss-cheese-Air-pockets .

Indeed ,
in London some very enthusiastic people have already established the infamous :

As for the committee planned in Damascus ,
it is still only   a realistic and legal idea.

And the committee in Amsterdam ,
is just a joke , I made it up because me and my family
do not eat the Swiss-Air-pockets ,
we throw them away with the garbage

Sherlock Hommos

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