Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The War on the non-obedient
The wrong carpenter
the wrong approach....

The war on Iran
is primarily a war  on a third-world-country
that did not , and shall not , bow its head for the west.

This war has started much earlier  than we all thinks
it started in Gaza and in Beirut before moving to Damascus , now.

The road to Tehran has started  ,
from Kabul, via Baghdad , via Gaza ,via Beirut, via Tripoli
and what has happened in Tunis and Cairo was simply a diversion ,
a smoke screen and a distraction.

The Third-world , whether Muslim or not , 
must again obey and serve the West.

Moscow is no more the guarantor of the National-Liberation's-worldwide
Islam , de-facto , has taking over this role.

But,the world of the Muslims is now divided into the "western-obedient "
and the non-obedient.

The best example would be Pakistan that has, anyhow ,an atom-bomb
while (or because) it is "Western-obedient "
while Iran is completely the opposite.

Most annoying for the West is, first of all ,
is Iran´s help and support for the Palestinian cause !!

Whether we agree with the Iranian-Mullah´s or not
they remain 10 times more honest  than those obedient Saudi-Mullah´s.

The West could not enter into Gaza , the West failed in Beirut
and Damascus shall not be different.....

Raja Chemayel

Israel is the core of the Western-policies.

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