Monday, February 13, 2012

Democracy is coming to Syria !!
The one on the right , became a democracy-champion !

The Turkish Military-Junta
The Prince of Qatar
Al Kaeeda
The Royals of Ibn Saud
The NATO ( on behalf of the Mossad)
Hillary Clinton ( on behalf of the CIA)
The Muslim Brotherhood
The Salafis
The Lebanese-(fascists)-Forces
Abdul-Halim al Khaddaam (exiled-Syrian-ex-vice-president)
Dr. Rifaat Al Assad (exiled-uncle of the same president)
all ,want to install "democracy"  in Syria....
and we are supposed to believe it !!


Dar said...

Well, to be fair they did plant "democracy" in Libya.

Just look at all that happy chaos and violence there today.

عشتار العراقية said...

And before that they did install democracy in Iraq. They surely have had a messy experience in democracy. Of course, they distribute democracy to other countries lest it should come to theirs.

oogenhand said...

Islam will destroy itself by civil war. The Muslims will burn in hell unless they convert.