Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rhodesia has disappeared !!

From: raja chemayel

What happened to Rhodesia ??
Where is Rhodesia now ??
How come is was wiped off the map ??(without the help of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!)
How come the real and rightful inhabitants got Rhodesia back ??

What will happen to Israel ??
Where is Palestine now ??
How come Palestine was wiped off the map ??

Who or what took away Palestine ??
Why not doing to Israel , what was done with Rhodesia ??

Wiping off colonialism from any map is rightful , legal and humane .
even if the Colonists were Jews ........there is no difference !!
Colonialism is colonialism regardless who is doing it !
Judaism is not a license to steal anything nor to steal any land.
Neither is any other religion a reason to colonise anywhere or anyone.

Judaism is safer and more respected without an "Israel-state" !!
Judaism without Zionism is without any critics ,
like Alcohol free beer or like nicotine free cigarettes
or caffeine free coffee or carbon free fuel.....

Let Israel follow Rhodesia.
Because , Algeria was never French !!
neither was Ethiopia ever Italian !!
neither was Congo Belgian and Ghana British !!
Raja Chemayel
June 2nd. 2007

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Habesha said...

Even if Israel will not become Rhodesia: Regarding the amount of corruption palestine has already become Zimbabwe.