Tuesday, June 5, 2007

40 years ago

"Tears of the Resistance", by Ben Heine, Tlaxcala

40 years ago
Israel was called the Stolen Land
and the West Bank was ruled by Jordan.
Today the West Bank is called occupied
and Israel is called Israel-proper.....
The Golan Height were natural-Syrian-height
and today Golan produces " Israeli-wines "
Jerusalem was Multi-religious,
ruled by a Muslim King
who recognised Jesus and Moses.
Today Jerusalem is home for the Russian Mafia
and the Ethiopian "African-black-Semites" ,
none of them knows Jesus nor Mohammad....!!

40 years ago
Israel was only 19 years old
and the Canaanites were already then ,
older than history !! and older than Abraham !!

40 years ago
Palestine was either robbed by the Zionists
or ruled by the Hashemites
or simply made of refugees waiting for the return-trip back home .

40 years ago
The world was told that Israel was
"invaded by 200 million Arabs"

Today we know who invaded whom
and who lost 95% of its planes before breakfast
while still on the ground.They never took-off.

40 years ago
Arab Armies were fighting with weapons
left over from the Second-world-war
while Israel had better equipments than any
other NATO country.
40 years later Israel has still kept all
the technological advantages.

40 years ago
Iraq asked permission to join the war and was refused
Lebanon did not ask any permission nor did it use one bullet

40 years ago
I played bass-guitar in a Pop-Band
and sang " I can get no....Satisfaction"
today I still did not find satisfaction
and I lost my guitar.....

40years ago
Israel stole 200% of what is supposed to be "Israel"
and today they might give us back half of it
as being the price of Peace.....
and consequently keeping 100% of Palestine.

40 years later
Israel invited and imported more new-Jewish-emigrants
than there are Palestinian-refugees thrown out of it , in 1948.

40 years later
more Israelis have left their so-called Promised land
seeking a new future outside that stolen-land.
With a new-passport and a fake national-identity,
using the Zionist-state only as a " passport of convenience"

40 year of occupation
and UN resolutions are not applied nor implemented
nor respected nor valid nor applicable nor executed.....
40 years ago Israel was requested by a UN-resolution
to withdraw from the West Bank and from Jerusalem......

40 years ago
Egypt was still an Arab country
Libya has had USA-Army-Bases on its soil.
Algeria was only 5 years old
The Emirates and Oman were British
Iran was a Pahlawee-ranch
Jordan was a Hashemite-Ranch ( and still is)
A Barrel of Arab-Oil was for seven US Dollars.

40 years ago
my fellow-Students in my German-university asked me
"why Yemen and Morocco invaded Israel ??"...... in 1967.

I had to explain to them that Yemen and Israel have
borders !!

40years from now....I shall not be here
and hopefully neither would be, that Promised-State !!

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
the Fifth of June 2007
Attached is a photo from 4Th of June 1967
one day before......the 5Th. June 1967
I am the one with the mic..


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Ben Heine said...

Hi Raja!
It's so good that you have your Blog,now!
Congratulations. Now it's a bit busy for me. But in the summer holidays, we can work on it together.