Friday, June 8, 2007

Who is complaining ??

From: raja chemayel

In the Lebanon
we have a Prime Minister who is very much liked by Condi Rice
we have Fateh el Islam who is very liked by Prince Bandar of Saudi
we have a President who has had his mandate extended and later
those who have extended it, are complaining why he stayed longer ?
We have Israel in the South wishing to re-enter but wants the Unifil to protect it
We have Syria who physically got out , although Lebanon is still inside Syria
We have Sunni fanatics trying to liberate us from what is left over of our secularism
We have a Shi'aa popular army who does not want any civil-war
We have a silent majority which run out of rhetoric's
We have Palestinian refugees as human-shields for Fateh el Islam
We have a Druze minority which makes any chameleon become jealous
We have United Nation's soldiers defending Israel borders
and also sealing the borders with Syria and watching our beautiful coasts.
We have an international tribunal to judge on an international farce
We have more international VIP's visiting the Maronite Patriarch
than our National Museum have seen tourists.
We have bombs equality spread to all areas and to all the sects.
We have only Syria+Iran on the accusations list !!
all others are innocent !!

Otherwise we cannot complain,
because France and Europe will inject some money in our economy
and the USA is arming our Military and CIA+Saudi arming our fanatics
and our Arab brothers help everybody,,,,...and I mean everybody !!

Sherlock Hommos
investigator !!

8th of June....40 years later !!

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