Thursday, June 7, 2007


From: raja chemayel

The Free-Masons (Freemasons)
and the Jews...

Let us compare the Freemasons with my cousins , the Jews.

What difference do we find ?
Hardly any !!
both are made of different nationalities
both are made of different races
both come from different cultures
both speak several languages ,among each other
both claim to be one exclusive-entity.
both discriminate you if your not one of them.

The major difference is that the Jews claim to be as one people
which is no more their case , since the year 0066.
When the Freemasons claim one fraternity, which is correct.

Another difference is that Jews would like to steal Palestine
and the Freemasons would like to steal only a Temple of Jerusalem !!

Otherwise they are much comparable to each other
in the fact that they are :
organised-clubs of egocentric-loyal-members.

Therefore in my opinion the Freemason are more honest to themselves
and more plausible too, among those two apartheid-based groups.

Try to ask for an Aspirin from a Freemason, when you are not one of them !!
Or try to ask the hand of the daughter from the other....

Raja Chemayel
no more a Jew..........since 2010 years
and never a Freemason , neither.

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