Thursday, October 18, 2007

the Mother of all Pupets' Battles

When Palestine was entrusted to the United Kingdoms
it gave it away to the Zionists and to the Hashemites .

When France was entrusted with the Lebanon and Syria
it gave away Lebanon , to the Maronite's.

When Kurdistan was in the hands of France and the UK
they divided it between , Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq .

I wounder who got the better deal ??
At least the Kurds could stay at home
when the Palestinians have had to move away......
and the Lebanese were left in balance ,
"holding five watermelons with two hands."

Although I am an Arab Nationalist , myself,
I would not mind giving back any (and all) Kurdish Lands
to the Kurds and let them have their own "home-state" undivided.

Better to have a good-neighbour
than a frustrated-fellow-citizen !!
(who does not speak Arabic to his mother,nor Turkish nor Farsi).

Turks and Iranians would not like my proposal
but who am I ? ............ .and what could I do ??
Syria and Iraq should also accept this honest and natural re-separation .

Today's Turkey who has 20% of its citizens being ethnic-Kurds
wants to invade the Iraqi-Kurdistan to give a lesson to the
Kurdish independence guerrillas.

The Puppet Regime of Iraq who was established
by an invading-power ,anyhow,
calls this Turkish-intrusion as a foreign-invasion.

Which reminds me of :
a Prostitute who would ask other ladies to remain virtuous.
some Licensed-prostitute chasing away the unlicensed ones.

What could the Iraqi-Government do ??
They hardly can control their own Green-zone
while their Masters are also Turkey's-masters.

What could the Turkish-(USA) -Junta do ??
because Military-powers can do only one thing......battles !!

So this will soon become :
The Mother of all Puppets' battles :
Two different Puppets having the same Puppeteer
are fighting over the same Puppet-mini- state.

Sherlock Hommos
18Th of October 2007

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