Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Film I shall never see.........

Here in the Netherlands
we do not have a Bernardo Bertolucci
nor do we have a Steven Spielberg
the Dutch film industry is almost non-existent
compared the the giant Hollywood... ...
or Bollywood....

but there is still hope....!!

and recently the world's attention
has been attracted towards the Low-Lands
as we are expecting a Film.....
not any film , but a film about Islam.
And not documentary like on National Geographic channel
but a critical-film done by no one less that Mr.Gert Wilders
and extreme-right- wing-clown member of the Dutch-Parliament.

I welcome this film and shall ask my 2 years old Parrot
to comment on it and criticise it.......but it seems that the
Dutch Government would like to see this film forbidden
for economical reasons more than for ethic or for moral grounds.

It is a Pity because my Parrot never gets such an easy case
to solve or to completely discredit.

Never mind !!
this world is full of idiots and probably
another idiot might replace Gert Wilders.

Islam is not in danger and never was
one "cheese-head" as Wilders cannot harm but the Dutch Economy, itself.

Although Wilders visited Tel Aviv much too often, recently.... ..
but probably , I assume he was only taking lessons in cinematography. .

Sherlock Hommos
preferring a Van Gogh in the Dutch-Parliament

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