Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Other-Wall........

Drawing by Ben Heine

Egypt ,
or rather the Mubarak-regime
counts as the big ally of the USA
in the Middle East........

The USA has the arrogance,
if not also the ignorance , to call Husny Mubarak
as an influential- leader... .. in that same Middle East.

And I ask myself ,
whom can Mubarak influence ??
expect his body-guards , his secret-police ,
his docile-media and his home-made-parliamen t
otherwise, I do not know of any other Regime nor
any Organisation that could be influenced by Mubarak !!

oh yes !! .......sorry !!
I forgot his own Ministers'Cabinet. ......

Anyhow ,
Mubarak Regime did not earn yet the title
of the "Only Democracy in the Middle East "
not even yet " an emerging Democracy in the Middle East "
Never mind that !!
because , Mubarak is now working towards such a illustrious title....
as a matter of fact ,
he is also building recently a Wall outside Gaza........
paid by the USA and inspired by Sharon's Wall.

So now we can say that Mubarak's Regime is really
an emerging democratic system that the West can rely on
( like the Shah of Persia once was.......for example !)

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Construction and Contracting Co.
Branch Manager in Rafah
9Th of March 2008


Anonymous said...

Ane säkenet be Masr...

Ane aref Mubarak :(

Abu Salem

Laleh said...

People should read this.