Friday, March 14, 2008

Do not worry !!

Do not worry about Gaza
because ,Israel shall be dismantled.

Do not worry about Palestine
because, Israel shall be dismantled.

Do not worry about Israel
because, the USA shall re-fabricate any Truth.

Worry about Israel,
because lies are not eternal.

Worry about the USA ,
because hegemony cannot be eternal.

Worry about the Truth,
because it is the target of all evil-doers

Worry first about your own worries
and then worry about the others........

In the mean time do not worry about Iran
who has no Atomic Bomb
but worry rather about those who do have an atomic bomb,

Worry about hose who do have a bomb
and who ,at the same time,
oppress those who have no electricity,
no water , no fuel , no borders , no flag and no country.
No airport , no port and no passport.......

And finally ,
remember what my mother always tells me :
Do not worry about your worries until

your worries start worrying you !!

Raja Chemayel
worrying about my writings...............
14Th of March 2008

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