Monday, March 17, 2008

The actual presidential election's deadlock in Beirut placed in its historical context

(The front-line)

When the Hittites or the Hexosses
were fighting the Pharaohs,
Lebanon ( or rather Phoenicia) was the front line.

When the Persians were in conflict
with the same Pharaohs,
Phoenicia ( or rather Lebanon)
was again the front line.

When the Greeks of Athens rivalled and
protagonised with the Persian Empire,
then Phoenicia , the Land of Canaan,
was the first and only Front line.

When Byzantia and the Arabs made wars
the Front line was Phoenicia-Syria.

When the Crusaders were robbing the East
the Front line was nowhere-else but,
Palestine-Lebanon- Syria.

When Napoleon wanted to invade the Ottoman Empire
the Front line was Palestine-Akka. ......and not Vienna !

When the criminal-nostalgic- colonialists wanted
to revive their vanishing-glories ,
they created an Israel inside Palestine,
south of Lebanon and south of Syria.

When the third world decided to emancipate itself
and to liberate its existence... ..
the Suez Canal was nationalised
and the Liberation of Palestine was born......
that happened , on the same spot where Napoleon
and others have " left some feathers " :
on the FRONT LINE of two Worlds..

Today and now , Condi Rice and George Bush
confront President al Assad and President Ahmedinejad
on the street of Beirut......
on the same spot where the Crusaders robbed the Mosques ,
where ,the Greeks slaughtered Persians ,
and where the Turks robbed the Arabs.....and Greeks.

Who shall win in Beirut ?? this time........
who shall place his vassal as a president ,
and call it democracy .

Is the Land of Canaan part of the Occident ?
it is where the sun rises....??
Al Mashrek !!

Raja Chemayel
the volunteer-vassal of historical-truth.
16Th of March 2008

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