Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Five years ago,

Five years ago, came the........ Liberators
they brought us..... canned-Democracy
Ahmed Chalabi.... Allawi and Maliki

Five years ago ,
they removed an authoritarian- regime
only to be replaced by chaos , theocracy,
feudalism and anarchy

Five years ago ,
the mullahs were locked inside their mosques
the Kurds were confined in their Kurdistan
the Tribal-chiefs stayed at home
all the Iranians needed a Visa
to visit Iraq .

Al Qua'eeda and Blackwater
rule the streets of Baghdad
and now ,
Halli-Burton runs the Ministry of Petrol
and now ,
the Car Bombs regulate the city- traffic
and now
all the official visitors must travel incognito
with the exception of President Ahmadinejad. ....

Five years ago,
education, bread and electricity
were available and affordable .

Five years ago,
Israelis travelling in Baghdad
were considered as spies.....
and faced a firing-squad.

the firing-squads
the torturers ,
the judges,
the Jailers
are all Israelis.

Raja Chemayel
five years ago, I was five years younger.....
18Th of March 2008

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Anonymous said...

الدليل الشامل للمدونات العربية
سياسة ، اقتصاد ، ثقافة ، حوار ،
أدب ، شعر ، فن والمزيد