Thursday, May 29, 2008


Musicology.. ......... .......

The Lebanese-politics are complicated
if not chaotic , problematic and tragic

I shall not repeat what everybody knows, already
but allow me to express ,here and now,
my astonishment :
a constitutional- crisis that paralysed Beirut
for 18 months was resolved in Doha, Qatar
in three short days !!! ........that is a record !!!

Another record is that a new President is elected
on a Sunday afternoon... ...who on Wednesday evening
appoints a new Prime Minister !!!
that is another record !!!!

only , that this new Prime Minister is the same idiot
who caused that same 18 months crises.

Therefore ,
nothing is new,
nothing is surprising
nothing is astonishing except the astonishment !!

Beirut is an Opera house
with three different conductors
and has only soloist in the Choir
and a orchestra made only of first-violins.
all are trying to dance a Ballet on the music by J.S.Bach .

The Audience is deaf and mute and blind .
The Program is written by 5 foreign ambassadors.
In five languages... ......... ....

Wellcome to the Show !!

Sherlock Hommos

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