Friday, October 3, 2008

Back Street Blues

the back-street

They want to save Wall Street
while trying to include ,incidentally, Main Street
but they surely have forgotten Back Street

Because if socialism is practically the only rescuer,
then they will use it to rescue
the Hospitals but not the Patients.

After all the Hospitals bring the profit
and patients only cost money !!!

It follows their same own philosophy
applied in the Middle East :
" To fight Terrorism , you must build better prisons "
" To eradicate apartheid , you must build higher and longer walls "
"To glorify Judaism , you must pray at a Roman-Wall "

Back Street is where the deprived lives
Main Street is where the illusion lives
Wall Street is where ultimate-greed lives

the difference with Palestine is that
in New -York,
is a Wall-Street but without any wall
and in Palestine
all the streets lead to a Wall.

Raja Chemayel
third of October 2008

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