Saturday, October 4, 2008

Open letter to closed-minds.....

An olive tree and a Palestinian mother ,
nothing is more genuine !

Open your eyes........
the Israelis are not even Semites !

Open your ears ,
they cannot pronounce the Semitic "HA"
nor they cannot pronounce the Semitic "DA "

Open your intellect ,
their language is artificial and re-invented

Open your eyes ,
they are Peruvians , Latvians and Ethiopians
invited in, by the Polish ,Russians and the Ukrainians.. ........
on the account of the Americans.

Open your mouths......
they have copied our Falafel , Shaourma
and even our Hommos are called "Israeli "

It is not a joke ,
they falsified history and ethnology
they re-wrote the Bible and the Old Testament was re-edited.

Nothing they are, is correct nor real :
not their race
nor their nation
nor their culture
nor their origins
nor their language
nor their ideology
nor their identities

They even have created the United Nations ,
just to issue for them
"a license to steal land "
and " false identity-cards "
and ever since that day (1948) , all and each
United Nation's resolution was either against them
or even condemning them......

Even if your harts will remain closed ,
open ,at least , your minds, please !! and look objectively :
60 years of occupation
4 million refugees
4 million occupied
6 wars plus 3 invasions
the biggest reason for the existence of Terrorism
(if ever terrorism existed )

Open your eyes.....
even a blind-man can understand this letter.
Unless if he is not blind , but just a pro-Zionism.

Sherlock Hommos
not, at all, blind

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