Friday, September 4, 2009

About the Anti-Semitism.....
Semites ????

Semites !!

When we are to blame , to accuse or to condemn
the Anti-Semites or Antisemitism itself,
we ought first of all to establish what does mean ??: " Semite " .

1- Does it mean someone who is a Semite by race ?
2- someone who has a Semitic-religion ?
3- someone who has a Semitic culture ?
4- Someone who claims to having any of those three ???

When we differentiate between Jews and Israelis
we clearly can even say that both are not necessarily Semites
but both have a Semitic religion (if being religious).

As a matter of fact ,
85% of the Israelis are not Semites
and about 65% are not even religious ,
therefore we can claim loudly that
"the huge majority of Israelis are not Semites "

If and when , we agree that a semitic-culture must be
basicaly , historicaly and praticaly an oriental-culture ,
we ,again, can claim loudly the Israeli-society is not semitic (at all) .

A blue-eyed-Israeli of European origins
who is not even religiousand who has brought his own
european-western- traditions with him to Palestine ,
cannot and must not claim any kind of semitic-identity
whether racial nor cultural nor social nor national
nor historical nor biblical.

Finally , it is more than obvious that the best people
who may claim "semitism".. ........ are the Arabs
and especially the Palestinians who are even the descendants
of the Bible-people.
(who have later converted to Chritianity and or to Islam)

Therefore , let us re-write the dictionaries
and let us to specify who is , or is not , a Semite.

Let us also find a new-definition or a new-description
to the fact that Aryan-people slaughtered the Ashkenazim-people
it is an awfull deed .........but it is not "Anti-Semitism" !!
call it something else , please !!!!!

Therafter ,
let us establish who is , today, an Anti-Semite ??
Benjamin Nathaniahu or El Sayed Hassan Nasrallah !!
which one is , today , killing the semites ???

Raja Chemayel

Semite by race,
by religion and by culture
4th of september 2009

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