Thursday, September 3, 2009

The organised-organs´ organisations

Colonialist , in the pre-Zionist times,
during the romantic + nostalgic era,
when animals were treated as animals !! .

Certified and confirmed rumours are circulating
about Israelis stealing organs
out of the bodies of Palestinian which
they daily shoot we all know.

The organ-transplant-traffic must be blooming
and the prices must be at their lowest, now
due to the fact that the Israeli-army is very active
and demand is covered by a huge offer.....

Nevertheless a question has risen :
to whom belong ??, eventually,
a Palestinian-kidney , or a lung ,
or a nice pair of testicles...... or even a brain ??

When a white-colonialist shoots a tiger in Africa
the fur or the skin belongs to him !!

When a white- colonialist shoots an elephant
in Thailand, the Ivory is his.....too !!

So why should it be different when an white-Ashkenazim
shoots an indigenous-Arab-Semite ???

Are the Palestinian Arab not treated as animal ,
anyhow, since 60 years ???

Anyhow ,
the United Nation´s Commission on Human Rights
must stop this practise immediately and should forbid it,
unless it is reduced into a Photo-Safari only
in the occupied Palestinian lands.

Like this photo below ,

although the victim is already dead
but the photographer wanted to prove that the organs
were freshly obtained !
and the butchers are well known....

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
spare -parts- distribution- manager

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seansmom said...

Great post. You brought it home in a way that just leaves me ill, though! War is every kind of hell and Israel's has been going for 60 mentally deranged must they (Zionists) be by now? You know, like,waking up and going to work for them, they can probably go home and tell the old folks at dinner! All in a days work, this genocide and how they can exploit it. If they knew how sickening is their behavior when the rest of us catch a glimpse which is happening more and more! No secrets anymore for the beasts!