Monday, November 9, 2009

The fall of a wall and the rise of another one

It happens that today
the world is celebrating the fall of Berlin-wall 20 years ago .

Incidentally , it is also the 30th. anniversary of the occupation
by militant-students of the US Embassy in Tehran .

Nowadays the Berlin wall became part of history
while the Palestine-wall became the latest misery.

the West organises anti-government-demonstrations
inside Tehran , in the name of Democracy.......
while the revolutionary Iranian demonstrate in front of
the ex-US-Embassy in Tehran .......

The West still accuses of Hostage-taking in that Embassy
while their Hostages inside Guantanamo-Bay are not completely released.

The West still remembers the Erich Honecker´s Wall
while the Apartheid-wall in Palestine is less and less mentioned.

Hamid Karzay won a Presidency without an election
while Ismail Hanniya in Gaza won an election without any Presidency.

The Wall between Egypt and Gaza became invisible for the lenses
of Western Medias.....
while the Tunnels under it , are filmed.......regularly.

In Gaza ,
are 1.5 million Hostages and in Guantanamo are 283 left back
while the US-Embassy Hostages became Heroes .....writing books
and the Wall-Builders in Palestine are teaching us Democracy.....

Raja Chemayel
my only wall will rise
between Hypocrisy and the Truth


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