Friday, November 13, 2009

Six centuries later.......

What was once build on that spot where
the Eiffel Tower ,today, stands ??
What was once build on the spot where
the Lincoln Memorial stands ??
What was once build on the spot where
the London Tower stands??
What was once under the Taj-Mahal ??
and under the Coliseum ?????

Approximately , in the year 0073 ,
the Romans must have destroyed
the (second) Temple of Salomon in Jerusalem.
............ ......... ...(if  it ever existed )

590 years later the Arab-Muslims have build
the Al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem... .....
on an empty and deserted spot of land .

Where did the Temple of Salomon originally stand ??
Where were the city-limits of Jerusalem  , in 0073 ??

How come that the West-Wall in Jerusalem

is completely, Roman-built ??
Who, or what,

can indicate where that
(Phoenician- built ) Temple ever stood ??

How come not one (Jewish) stone,of that Temple,
have ever been found ?? ............ until today.
How come no independent and scientific evidence
is remotely aavailiable ??

And in the name of factual and mathematical- a
we notice that there are six centuries, during which ,
the Romans and later the Byzantine-Christianity
have separated the destruction Temple of Salomon ,
from the building Al Aksa Mosque .

Raja Chemayel

PS :
If the Jews insist to rebuilding their Temple
I doubt that God would like to see it standing
where the Al Aksa Mosque is already since 1200 years.
Unless Judaism enters into Islam.......

If , it is credible that , God needs another Salomon-Temple
I shall build him one , by myself , in Brooklyn.

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