Tuesday, October 20, 2009



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Money...money and also money !!!!!

In the United States of America
it is called :
Lobbying, special-interest- groups
and Donations

In my country (Lebanon)
we simply call it :
bribery and corruption.

In my country we have 12 different political parties
and we are called :
an emerging-democracy.

In the United States of American you have
only two
but, almost identical

and it is called :
well-established- democracy

In the United States of America
it cost one and a half Billion Dollars
to finance ,
a presidential- campaign .

In my country ,
one and half Billion Dollars

buys for you :
1 President + 8 ministers + 3 generals
+ 2 News papers
and a (the Future) -TV-Station

Sherlock Hommos
Prof. in Ethical-Politology

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