Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Haiti to Gaza.....and from Zionism to Abbas

 The Mummy of Ramallah
I switched on ,today, my TV
and I saw some soldiers in Haiti
preventing the hungry population
of looting some already destroyed supermarket.
The same soldiers were shown later on
distributing first-aid food-rations
to that same population.. ...
which was forbidden to loot the lost and destroyed Supermarket.
I wonder what difference is there
between Gaza and Haiti ?? today .
The Earthquake of Haiti could be compared to Israel
and the absurd task of the Haitian-soldiers,
could be compared to the role of  the Egyptian-Regime
who wants to prove and to confirm its criminal-absurdness .
As for that destroyed and useless supermarket in Haiti ,
it is, as absurd and as useless as , the Zionist-ideology.
A Mummy of a Pharaoh is and remains a dead person
whether it is mummified or not......... ...
Zionism has died when the sun has risen on the Truth
so why keeping Zionism mummified or alive artificially ???
Why mummifying Zionism, Mr. Abbas and Mr. Mubarak ??
If you want peace....... get for yourself ,first , a victory !!
Raja Chemayel

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