Monday, January 18, 2010

What to call it ??

the right-Jew... .. !!

If it has no name yet , call it
" Al Kayda"

If it suits your propaganda ,call it

If it boost your weapons-industries , call it
" Global War of Terrorism"

If it allows you to invade Iraq, call it
" Weapons of Mass Destruction"

If it helps electing you as President , call it
" time for a real-change"

If it legalises your occupation of a country , call it
"God gave this land to me"

If it hides your inborn racism , say:
" God has chosen us" (but not them)

If you already are, anyhow, an ugly-monster , say :
"They hate us for what we are "

If you want to collect the insurance money , say :
" they blew-up the Twin-towers"

If you want to fool any believer , say
"in God we trust"

If you want to loose again our time , say :
" We are committed to Peace"

If you want Israel to be safer bigger and stronger ,
say :
" we support the Arab-moderate- leaders"

And ,
if you do want to boycott Cuba
and especialy ,the Cuban-cigars  :
Do not smoke it ,
 just sit on it !!

Raja Chemayel
call me what you wish !
But ,in the meantime ,I keep my gun , at reach ....

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