Sunday, February 7, 2010

How the West (Bank) was won ??
 Big-Chief-Abbas (left) talking to Lee-Roy Nathanyahu

Do you remember that classical western-films
do you not see similarities with today´s film in the West-Bank.

Of course the o
fficial governments do nothing....
they just send their Settlers to do the robbing  and the conquests :
those profitable expantions .

It happened
once upon a time in the West

and it happens now in the WEST-BANK.

Both Governments stand aside , 

blameless and as spectators
while they support and finance their Settlers.

John Wayne said : "the only good-indian is a dead-indian"
and Ariel Sharon has said even worse things about Palestinians.

The West Bank is being robbed , piece by piece ,
because the  Abbas-nostra  and the Oslo-clan
are fishing for Peace "in that sea of aggressions"

The Americans who have stolen the West from the Indians
 were called : The Settlers.

The Israelis who are stealing the West-Bank from the Palestinians
are called: The Settlers .

Coincidence ?? no Sir  !! they are twins.

 Because if you have stolen Tel-Aviv and the Palestinian coast ,
you are called "Israeli" but when you continue stealing the West-Bank
you are then called "Settler".

The same in the USA , if you have stolen New-York
and Boston and the East-Coast ,you are called "American"
but when you continued stealing the Far-West ,
you were then called " Settler "

But both have sent their " Settlers" to do their dirty jobs,
and both ,at the end, annexed what their settlers have robbed for them.

It is not a Far-West-film-fantasy
and it never was, not even in America  !.

Raja Chemayel



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