Sunday, February 28, 2010

The New-Semites at the bottom of the Social-Scale
is this man , 
an Arab-Christian ??
an Arab-Muslim ??

The first Christians who reached Rome
and ultimately have reached Europe,
were Christian-Arab-slaves ,
coming from the Middle East .
They were thrown to the lions , as a lunch.

The first (and the last) Jews in Rome and in Europe
were burned alive.....

As for the Muslims ,
they first entered via Spain
but ,then left back 4 centuries later.

Comes the  20Th century .......
and Muslims are back in Europe as foreign-labourers.

Sweeping the streets of Paris or London
and keeping the German and French factories running.
(Mercedes-Benz is partly built by Muslim-Turks
nd Renault is build by Muslim-Tunisians )
Then ,one day , the Muslims wanted to build
for themselves Mosques and Minarets.
So Democracy allowed them the Mosques
(but not always , the Minarets)

Many European-ignorants were afraid
to wake up one morning
on the sound of the Muezzins
instead of being awaken by their usual

So why is Europe so afraid of Islam ??

When ,we still see, the Muslims of Europe who are
at the bottom of the Social-scale
in any of the European countries.

Should the Europeans not rather fear
that other minority  which is on
the Top 
of the same social-scale ??
in any of the European countries,
(now that they are no more burned alive .)

So should we not review the use
and the meaning of the expression:
"Anti-Semitic" ???
to be replaced by : "Anti-Islamic" !!!

Were Jesus and Mohammad not Semites??.......also,
by their blood and by their cultures too ???

Are the Europeans again afraid of the new-Semites
or afraid that one day they become Muslims ??
In that case : Non-semitic-Muslims !!!

Raja Chemayel
a christian-semite-arab
coming from an Islamic-culture
and living in Europe

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