Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Christian , too much !!

 a Palestinian-traitor who became a Christian
(uninvited !! and not welcome )
Mossab Hassan Yousef has admitted
that he worked for the Israelis Shin-Bet
which is the equivalent of the FBI.
He declared that he did it :
 " to avoid that the Shin-Bet arrests
or kills the wrong  Palestinian-suspect." .....unquote
Which reminds me of Judas who betrayed Jesus
in order that the Romans do not crucify Peter nor Paul
nor Simon nor Mathew nor Philip ,
instead of Jesus , himself....
Great Job !!
God and history shall judge him ,
very soon !! .......Inchallah  !!!
But what I disliked
is that this traitor has converted into christianism !!
and I wonder if traitors and Judases
are welcome in my religion ?????
Why did he not go and joined Judaism .....?
just in case that Zionism would serve Judaism !!
We Christians praise all our Matyrs ,
and most of the first-christians ended up as martyres ,
including our Jesus .
Anyhow ,
now that Mossab Hassan Yousef
is no more a Muslim , then he finally has done
a favour to Islam ,............ by getting out !!!
But once again ,
I would have liked that this Mossab would
have not converted into Christianity
because after all the Christianity
is a not a refuge for the traitors
(nor a refuge for the Zionists !!)
Raja Chemayel

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