Monday, June 21, 2010

Jews , are not a Race ......
  the same faces,the same skin, the same culture
(regardless of that yellow-Star !!)
 Pure-Arab-Jews !!
(remained... .. Arabs)
 an African-Jew !!
(who became a colonial-servant)
 a Polish-Jew !!
(became a Hollywood-hero)
One Aryan-Jewish- German-Nazi- SS-General !!
(Reinhard Heydrich)

If the Jews were to be a one Race
how come the Nazi´s have asked them to fill in a form
in which they must declare (or admit) their racial- identity. ??

Even after having done that ,
German-Jews were still not evidently recognisable
o they were asked to wear " a yellow Star "
for that purpose.

Either Hitler was an ignorant ,
or the Jews are not a Race
or both my accusations are correct !!

Besides that , a race , any race,
is recognisable by the naked eye .
Only a vegetarian , or a genius
or a tax-inspector ,  are not optically recognisable.

How come that the most racist organisation
and the most " anti-semitic" ideology
could not pick up a Jew ,( or a non-Jew)
walking down the streets of Frankfort
or playing football in Hamburg   ???

Were the Nazi´s that much ignorant, or so blind  ???....
or the Jews are not a all !!

A religion can not be seen on a face
nor on the colour of a skin
nor on the size of a nose.....
but a Race can be seen.

antropologue when need be !!

Rumors are that the Family Hitler
were to be Jewish-Hungarians .


dor avraham said...

They are all from the levant and their exiles are documanted very well bro.ethiopian jews are mostly ones who converted to judaism.

dor avraham said...

and ethiopians are semitic ,so it makes sense...