Thursday, June 24, 2010

An open letter to Nicolas Sarkozy....
Ashkenazim-Hungaria n-French

Dear Nico ,
It just came to my knowledge that Gilad Chalit
has the French nationality,
as well as , the Israeli "nationality" .

I am not aware how France deals with its citizens
when they are having a double nationality
and most of all when a French citizen
would serve in a foreign army.....

Needles to remind you that this foreign-army
is an occupying power of a colonial and racist
entity called " the State of Israel"
otherwise known as " the State of Zion"
or " Ashkenazistan"
or "the only democracy that kills civilians " .

I wonder how come that Israel has bombed and starved Gaza
destroyed schools and hospitals and killed 1200 civilians,
in order to release this one soldier ,
and France has done nothing,  to help
of course !!.

Is it not a shame ??
That a little nuclear-power in the East of the Mediterranean Sea
must spend 42 days bombing Gaza
and four years starving it ,
while the big-France does nothing to deliver this soldier
from the hands of the occupied-starved- besieged- isolated- terrorists  ....

Please Nico.....(or may I call you Coco),
tomorrow morning as soon as you and Carla Bruni
wake up and have your Kosher-croissants as breakfast,
go immediately ,afterwards, to the Ministry of Defence
and ask them to also bomb Gaza.

Do not worry ,
Israel shall show you how to do it !!
it is a routine for them.

Bonne chance mon Coco !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
expert on dual-nationalities and dual-standards 

PS :
Sorry about France and the World Football-Cup´ s  fiasco
next time keep that Arab called Zidane as its captain......
he also has a dual nationality !!!

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