Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Tooth-paste and the Palestinian Cause

What if ,
you would produce an excellent and new-tooth-paste
and try to market it ,  but with a bad advertisement- campaign ??

While your competitors ,
would have a very bad and useless-tooth-paste
but it has had an excellent advertisement
and a widespread promotion campaign .....

Do you doubt who would sell more ??

Would you be surprised if your competitor
would be known as the "Good-manufacturers "
and you would not sell your product,properly .

Would you doubt ,
who would close-up his factory earlier ??

Have you ever heard or seen or tasted
an Arab/Palestinian Tooth-past ?????

The Israelis called Palestine " an empty country"
and then the world believed them

The Israelis attacked Egypt in 1956 and 1967
and they called it "self-defence"
and then the world believed them.

The Israelis swallowed half of Palestine,(1948)
then occupied the other half (1967)
and then called it " self-preservation"
and the world believed them.

The Israelis have
10.000 political-prisoners
and 1,5 million starved-civilians
and 3 Million occupied
and 3 million expelled-refugees
and call themselves " the only democracy"
and the world believed them......also

Would anybody buy any Israeli tooth-paste ??
......Yes !!............ they would  !!

because their advertisement is convincing
and ours is not !!!

Until we shall have a credible-voice
until we shall have a convincing-face,
we shall remain as the bad-guys
and our oppressors remain seen as being our victims.
Raja Chemayel

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