Thursday, March 24, 2011

After the double-standarts ........comes the triple
The USA supported the people inside the tank
as well as 
the people on the tank

After the double-standards
must come the triple-standards

George W. Bush demonstrated perfectly
the art of the double-standard....
But today Barack Obama has surpassed him
with the Triple-Standards

In one case USA supports the People against the Tyrant.
In the other case the USA supports the Tyrant against the People.
And in the third case the USA
supports the Tyrant who supports his next-door-Tyrant
against the People.....
In Libya the USA supports one half of the people
against the other half,
while the Tyrant is ,suddenly, no more supported.

Bismark said once :
Never ask what is politics made of
nor ask what is inside a sausage.

Sherlock Hommos said :
Never ask what the USA shall do, next,
just try to guess what Israel needs !!

There are two kind of Arab-Tyrants:
one are " Israel-friendly" and the others are not.
The Israel-friendly-Tyrants usualy survive...........
the  others are punished by the "democracies"

Raja Chemayel

Syria is now next to be punished because it harbors--
Hezbollah,Hamas ,the PFLP,the DFPLP , SSNP and the Baath
who are everything what is noble and righteous among us, the  Arabs  .

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