Monday, March 21, 2011

Bahrain over Libya

One does not ask the help
from the Devil, itself,
to get rid of a bad-Wolf...

The Air force of Bahrain

(defending a country,
 five times the size of an Airport !!)

Being ,myself,someone who likes a joke
because the " ridicule"  always shows us
the contrast between the "wrong and right".

Recently a most funny or rather ironical matter has occurred :

The Bahrain-Air force
was sent to assist the US-Air forces

in bombing ( one half of ) Libya !!

I wonder why to fly away 3600 kilometres
to bomb either a Tyrant or the People, itself ???

Because in Bahrain,itself, in their own country
there is also a Tyrant........and also a People !!!

At this point ,
I do not conclude that this is even a Joke
therefore it might be simply a melodrama.

Another explanation would be that
the Tyrant of Bahrain is Israel-friendly
while the tyrant of Tripoli is not !!

But in both cases ,the People of Bahrain
and the People of Libya both reject Israel !!

Therefore they both may be legally- bombed, by anyone
claiming "democracy and or freedom" .

Raja Chemayel

PS :
The Emirates Air force also was sent to assist the USA
which is understandable ,excusable and logic
because the UAE has no own people to bomb !!
(everybody is a foreign imported labour,  there)

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