Thursday, July 7, 2011

The fuel-tank inside a Germam-Tank
Made in Germany !!
(by  the Turkish-foreign-labourers)

Germany is supposed to sell about 300 Leopard Tanks
to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  !!!

Israel should not panic ,at all , at this point .
Because most probably the fuel-tanks on those Tanks
will secure only a travel range of maximum 100 km , not more  !!.
(60 miles)

It is just enough for to cross the bridge over to Bahrain ,
to shoot some demonstrators and then to come back ,
of course.

The nearest points from Saudia to the State of  Israel would be
(one way) 440 Km. via Aqaba .....or even 755 km. via Amman  !!
No chance of invading Israel here !!!
Unless,  Saudia becomes a democratic-islamic-republic,
by any miracle or national awarness .

Anyhow ,
those Tanks will be adapted to the "Saudi Specifications" :
1- Air-conditioning
2- small kitchen for to make tea ( 10 times per day)
3- an inside space for to pray-five-times
4- inside space for the Tea-boy and cleaners ( all from the sub-continent)
5- an ejecting-seat for the driver (in case it would be a woman)
6- eventually some ammunition's ( like anti-rioters-gaz)
7-night-vision,GPS and chemical-toilets

German-industry must be proud , once again.

Sherlock Hommos
ein grosser Kenner mit der Krumme-Sachen

the F16 fighter-jets supplied previously by the USA
have also a "small-fuel-tanks" not worry !!

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