Thursday, July 28, 2011

Globalisation of deceptions.......

BREIVIK ,original
BREIVIK , light
The Globalisation
has no boundaries......nor limits....nor fix-address

The Vikings-Christians
also qualify now as Terrorists

My Tooth-brush and my TV
are made in China

I tanked today my car
for 1.62 Euros per litter of fuel ( 2.50 $ per litter)
because the Libyan-oil is re-routed to Tel Aviv....

The classical-regular-terrorists of Afghanistan
hiding in TORA BORA , have showed up,recently, in Oslo.

Al Qua´eeda is recruiting
among some Norwegian-demented-fascists

The USA has no more money
to pay to the press that shoul
print more Dollars-bills....
Breivik's massacre disclosed
the far-reach-Zionist-manipulations
within Europe's social structure.
Good Night , sleep well
this planet has been hijacked.
Sherlock Hommos

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